The Cold Brewer

$31.00 USD

This fridge-friendly bottle makes fresh cold brew overnight, so you never have to pay $7 for a mediocre roast from an unnamed union-busting company again.

Now you can make delicious cold brew yourself. All you need is this bottle, some coffee, and a can-brew attitude.

The Crooked Store donates a portion of the proceeds from every purchase to Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund, supporting organizations that work year-round to support access to the ballot and empower new voters to participate in the process.

Directions for making cold brew here.

Glass | Dishwasher Safe

22 oz/650 ML Brewing Capacity

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews

A gift that has happily created another cold brew convert

Lisa Ashley
Fine Brewer, Fine Coffee

Simple to use, easy to clean, fits in my frig—what’s not to like?

Jane LaRoque
Caffeine for the win!

Best coffee gadget ever!

Melissa Quinn
Excellent idea, needs some tweaking

I love the concept, and it makes excellent coffee. I don't use it as often as I had hoped because it doesn't make enough coffee at once. I dearly wish it made more coffee at once. I drink about twice as much coffee every morning, and my fiancé would like some too. There should be an option for a larger one, maybe rather than one large serving of 22 oz, I would like one that makes 96 oz. at once. Also while being tall and slender makes it pretty, it is always at risk of topling in my fridge.

Christina Keller
I wish I loved it

The lid does not stay on. I bought it because I loved the size and the glass bottle, but since the top is silicone, it does not secure tightly to the glass. I thought it would be good to transport, but you cannot take it anywhere…at least with cold brew in it. Love crooked and cold brew. This just did not hit the mark.