Crooked Belt Bag

$45.00 USD

Keep your essentials close and your hands free for double fisting iced coffee and doing finger guns at dogs. Accessorize your bag with our Leave Trans Kids Alone Pin. Can be worn as a crossbody or fanny pack. 

This mix-and-matchable bag comes with your choice of one interchangeable strap:

Grab the Phone Keys Hush Money strap, perfect for the person who's always forgetting that they got paid off by a corrupt reality TV host. 

Grab the Fruity strap to let everyone know that you're loud, proud, and probably carrying chapstick and gum.

Grab the F*ck Bans strap so you can keep both hands free for flipping off legislators who want to ban abortion and healthcare for trans people.

Grab the Let Women Run Shit strap because women who run shit don't spend 5 minutes digging through their bag for the keys.

The Crooked Store donates a portion of the proceeds from every purchase to Vote Save America’s Every Last Vote fund, supporting organizations that work year-round to support access to the ballot and empower new voters to participate in the process.

Bag size: 8” L x 5” H x 2.5” D

Strap: Nylon Webbing, 131cm

Scroll down to snag another strap (or all of them).