Super Mom Care Package

$80.00 USD
Fulfilled by our friends at Multitasky

Show your mom just how much you appreciate her serious multitasking skills. Part-chef, part-businesswoman, part-therapist, part-security guard, and part-24hr. phone support -- she really does it all. She deserves to sit back and relax, but we all know she's going to want to keep making things happen for her family. With this mom care package you can support her multitasking super abilities and inspire her to take some much needed time for herself.

Inside you'll find:

- Floor Mop Slippers: This way, she can make the floors sqeaky-clean just by walking around.

- Multi-Angle Extendable Phone Holder: When you call, she answers on the first ring. Now she can chat with her loved ones hands-free.

- Spa Humidifier Lamp: Give her a daily moment of luxe or calming self-care routine with this skin-loving humidifier.

This item only ships within the United States.