This Candle Smells Like...

$28.00 USD

The Strict Scrutiny team put together a collection of scented candles to help you relax after a long day of being alive in America.

Pick from three luxurious scents, all hand-selected by the hosts of Strict Scrutiny:

This Candle Smells Like An Ethical Lapse: This lavender-scented candle was picked by Leah Litman, and it smells just like the total relaxation you feel when letting go of all your ethics and morals.

This Candle Smells Like The Interior Of A Private Jet: Melissa Murray selected a eucalyptus-scented candle to embody the luxurious feeling inside a private jet – specifically, the one your buddy owns. Just take a deep breath, put your feet up, and float above the clear ethical guidelines you’re violating.

This Candle Smells Like Vibes, Not Law: Kate Shaw chose a sandalwood-scented candle to represent the all-vibes YOLO court era. Strike a match, turn on the pod, and try to embody the IDGAF attitude of the Roberts court.

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